Aug 242010

King Arthur FlourI just got an email from King Arthur Flour advertising free shipping on 50 favorite ingredients. I thought I’d highlight the products that I love that are included in the deal. And no, I don’t get a dime from any of these links (wish I did), but I love this company and its products. This sale ends Thursday, August 26th.

Here’s what’s available that I love:

KAF Unbleached All Purpose Flour – The only AP flour I use, and one of the only brands of flour I use, period. (White Lily still wins for biscuits, sorry.) Caveat: Even though it’s their own flour, I can get it for $3.99 at my local grocery store, sometimes cheaper on sale. If you can’t find the flour near you, then by all means order it and see what you think.

Vietnamese Cinnamon – This is cassia cinnamon like what we’re used to in the States, but with much more aroma and flavor. (True cinnamon is very floral and I don’t actually like it much. I prefer the heat of the cassia cinnamon.)

Fiori Di Sicilia – Don’t ask me to pronounce it, but this extract is like an amazing combination of vanilla and citrus and floral notes. It needs a simple sugar cookie recipe to really shine. If you’re feeling adventurous and love to bake, try this extract.King Arthur Flour Pizza Seasoning

Pizza Dough Flavor – This is a blend of cheese, garlic powder and other seasonings that you add to the dough when you’re making homemade pizza. It just gives it a little extra oomph and flavor. Great for garlic bread or breadsticks, too!

Pizza Seasoning – I’m on a pizza kick. We’ve had it two nights in a row so far and finishing leftovers tonight. I make the tastiest and quickest pizza sauce with about a teaspoon of this blend in a 28oz can of Progresso Tomato Puree. With a splash of olive oil. Done!

Coconut Flavor – Every year at Thanksgiving I make Paula Deen’s coconut cake. I consider this extract my secret ingredient to real coconutiness. Great in coconut chocolate chip cookies too. Ooh, and coconut cupcakes.

Vanilla Bean Paste – While any of the vanilla extracts that are on sale would be good, too, I love this vanilla paste. I think it has a more pronounced vanilla flavor and aroma, and you get the little flecks of seeds in your ice cream or pound cake. Save it for the recipes where vanilla’s the star.

Lemon Oil – I keep going back to pound cake, but this oil is more potent (and I think more natural) than lemon extract for a lemon pound cake, or lemon cookies, or lemon cupcakes. It’s a little more perishable, so I keep it in the fridge. They have orange and lime oils too, which are also free shipping, but I’m a lemon nut. (Or lemon fruit, I guess.)

Okay, I could link to all the other flours that are on sale, needless to say all of those are great, but I feel like this lists highlights the unexpected products that you might not have considered.  And don’t hold me to it, but I think the lighter weight products like the pizza seasoning are free shipping all the time. (KAF ships by weight, not order total.)

So now that I’ve told you some of mine, what are some of  your favorite ingredients?

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